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used across school, district and state carnivals

The Sports Carnival Manager caters for both swimming and athletics carnivals of all levels (school, district, state). For a school carnival, schools enter all of their houses, races, points details, etc. They type these details once, and the events for the carnival call on them - creating very efficient and quick data entry.

Student details can be imported from your school admin program or most other sources (an OASIS report can be provided free). Competitors can be pre-entered into events or entered on-the-day as races are run. Seed-times can be used to automatically allocate heats and lanes to competitors, or this can be done randomly. Times/distances could be entered and places and points are automatically allocated. Age and House champions are automatically calculated and can be viewed at any point of the carnival.

Finalists can be automatically created and seeded (into specified lanes) with a click of a button. Age- (or Category-) champion points can be derived from selected events and places in those events. Competitors who would represent the school at the next carnival are also automatically printed/viewed/exported and a letter is available to each person (if required).

Records are flagged when broken or equaled and the record information is updated after the carnival with the click of a button.

Full carnival information can be printed (and/or viewed). There are both pre- and post-carnival reports which include: list of events, carnival booklet (showing every competitor in every event when pre entered), marshalling sheets (completed for pre-entered carnivals and blank otherwise), full results for every event, male and female results, carnival results, records, representing competitor details, etc.

Each screen has a simple help screen and basic documentation is provided.

Any Macintosh or PC which can run FileMaker Pro can run the program.

The program is used in many schools across Australia as well as all-school-regions who also utilise the customised 'Carnival Entry Program'.

The Sports Carnival Manager is now available for FileMaker Pro v10 or later. However, you don't need to have FileMaker Pro — our current Standalone version uses the FMP13 engine for Windows and Mac OS. When using the FileMaker version, the Sports Carnival Manager can be easily networked at NO extra cost!

FileMaker Version
$95.00 ex GST
This version requires ownership of FileMaker v.10 or later
Standalone Version
$195.00 ex GST
This version does not require FileMaker